What Style of Music do you Need?

I can play almost any type of classical music or hymn arrangements as well as jazz and contemporary arrangements by special request. I also sing and play Rock/Pop/Country hits from the 50s to today.

What Type of Guitar do I Play?

I have a number of guitars. All my classical guitars are natural wood and beautiful to see and hold.

Some Points that are Helpful in Considering Your Event

  • Is the event indoors or outdoors, or both?
  • What is the expected seasonal temperature?
  • What is length of the event (or each segment of the event).
  • If microphones are required will appropriate facility personnel be available for setup?
  • Do you have some specific music in mind? I have many standard pieces available. Pricing for pieces outside of my standard repertoire will be considered after I see the work.

So are you ready? Hiring a guitarist is quite affordable.

What Will it Cost?

Base Fee For Weddings and Corporate Events (2 hours): $400

This includes 2 hours of performance and travel within 60 minutes of zip code 21014 in Bel Air, Maryland, as well as a pre-wedding meeting to discuss details.  Special music, music outside of the standard wedding repertory, will incur a nominal fee.

Other Non-corporate Private Events: $150.00 per hour