DSC_3639_StStudying guitar is a rigorous discipline. Because of this I consider taking on new students a substantial responsibility.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All lessons are held at my home. Students should arrive ON TIME! A warm-up space is available for those who arrive early.

If you or your child desires to begin guitar studies we will precede as follows.

First Meeting: Our first lesson will be an evaluation lesson lasting approximately one hour. We are not necessarily looking for existing musical training, but rather the aptitude and physical dexterity required to master the instrument. I will take the prospective student through a number of evaluative tasks to measure areas such as tone recognition, rhythm repetition, and basic guitar fingerings. This first lesson will determine our course for the first set of lessons. The fee for the first lesson will be $65 at your home or $60 at my studio.

CCStudentBooksSubsequent to the First Lesson: If you choose to proceed with private lessons I will ask the student or student’s parents to agree to a fixed-term contract. Half-hour lessons for younger students are $35. One hour lessons for advanced students are $65. Either lesson will be discounted $5 if you take your lesson at my studio. Additionally, I will assist the student in acquiring the necessary equipment for the lessons.

Our work will then proceed over an initial three-year plan.

First Year: learn the parts of the guitar; how to hold it properly; establishing a correct right-hand position (this will differ with every student; how to read music; learning basic theory and knowledge of the fretboard; how to tune a guitar; reading rhythms and keeping time; establishing basic right and left hand technique by use of the two method books Kitharologus and Sagreras-these books will systematically go through basic to advanced exercises on attacks (free and rest strokes), arpeggios, block chords, reach development (hand elasticity), slurs (hammer-ons and pull-offs), barre chords, scales, etc.; beginner etudes from Sor, Aguado, Giuliani and Carcassi will enforce what is learned in a larger musical context. In Kitharologus: levels 1 and 2 will be explored and mastered. In Sagreras: lessons 1-60.

DSC_3593_StSecond Year: continued work on technique at a beginner/intermediate level: further strengthening of left and right hands with more advanced slurs, extensions, shifts, scales, arpeggios, etc; expand repertory to longer pieces (developing memory along the way); further work with etudes; introduction to music of all eras-Renaissance to 20th century; further knowledge of fretboard; music theory begin learning how to interpret music in context of time period; development of sight reading skills. In Kitharologus: levels 3 and 4. In Sagreras: finish book 1, begin book 2. We will also use Aaron Shearer: Learning the Classic Guitar, Part 2. I prefer using this book with younger students, as it provides easy, step-by-step instruction through use of duets and introduction of new notes in a non-overwhelming manor. It also takes the student through various styles, techniques and time signatures to prepare them for playing music of all eras.

AarronShearerThird Year: intermediate to advanced intermediate technical work; further strengthening of left and right hands; more advanced etudes by composers such as Villa-Lobos, Sor, Barrios, Tarrega, Giuliani; expansion of repertory to longer pieces (3 pages or more); intermediate sight reading; further development of interpretation skills; theory. IMPORTANT: By this time, students will have complete knowledge of fretboard and note recognition anywhere on the guitar within the first 15 frets. Also students will be able to spell basic chords-major, minor, diminished, augmented and 7th chords, as well as understand their harmonic function in music. In Kitharologus: levels 4 and 5. In Sagreras: continuing in book 2.
Fourth Year and Beyond: Advanced studies based on student’s progress.

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