I began playing guitar at the age of fourteen after hearing Led Zeppelin’s Heartbreaker / Livin’, Lovin’ Maid on a local radio station.  After that my $60 three-quarter size guitar went everywhere I did. My early stages of training were with my uncle. He had studied with the likes of Carl Filipiak and Larry Hoffman. From the beginning, he taught me music theory and ear training, along with chords and songs.

By the time I was sixteen I was able to hear a song on the radio, pick out the chords, and be playing it for my friends within a matter of minutes. My uncle also taught me the technique of the guitar: how to properly hold a pick (and how to pick!), warm-ups and finger exercises that would allow me to stretch and hold notes/chords for long periods of time without loosing strength. My formative with him were invaluable because it put me so far ahead of other kids who were just hacking away on chords that their friends showed them.

I began my classical training at the age of twenty when I entered Towson University. It was here that I realized how “bad” of a guitarist I really was! Through my private lessons with Peabody graduate Michael Decker, he showed the techniques that not only allowed me to play the high art of Classical Guitar, but also improved my Rock technique. Under his tutelage, I worked on etudes (studies) by famous guitar composers that worked on every aspect of guitar playing.  He also introduced me to Jazz/Bossa Nova rhythms which improved my sense of timing, rhythm, and feel. My recital in fall 2002 was a success thanks to his teaching; plus, my overall knowledge of Music and the music business improved vastly (to which I contribute much of the success I enjoy now).

After graduation, I began teaching guitar privately, both Classical and Popular styles. My students ranged from ages seven to sixty-seven. I had also been expanding my repertory and playing at area restaurants, weddings, parties and other functions. I also did some studio recording with the Christian progressive-rock group Orphan Project. In summer 2004 I joined Refuge, a classic rock cover band that opened up for Lynard Skynard at the Southern Woodstock festival.

In spring 2005, I returned to Towson University for my Masters in Music. I returned specifically to study with Troy King, an internationally acclaimed guitarist whose style and interpretations are not only unique but “fiery and delightful.” Under his wing I have progressed exponentially in the areas of technique, sound quality, musical expression and repertory expansion. Mr. King’s teaching method-the technical books he uses and the high standards he holds for all his students-has not only pushed me beyond what I thought I could achieve, but had also given me focus, and the confidence necessary to pursue a professional career in Classical Guitar performance.


Upon graduating in May 2009, I have since taken part in multiple guitar competitions around the country, learning from some of the biggest names in the Classical Guitar world. I also remain very active as a soloist, performing weddings, restaurants, and many other types of events. I am currently teaching Upper-School Guitar for Redeemer Classical Christian School, and non-credit music classes at Harford Community College; as well as maintaining a large private studio of students learning guitar of all styles, Classical Piano, and even Ukulele!

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